The Joker Returns to Gotham on this Slot

Posted on December 03, 2014

Although this slot machine is based on Batman, the superhero from DC comics and Hollywood movies, the Joker, one of his arch enemies returns to Gotham City especially to appear on the machine. The Dark Knight slot machine has a special feature where either Batman or the Joker can appear at any time during the playing of the slot, to award different bonuses randomly. These appearances are not limited to regular play and so they could even show during the bonus round and when they do, the bonuses that they meter out vary but include full reels of wilds, extra wilds, free spins, multipliers and cash bonuses.

As well as gaining wins from these random bonuses, there are also wins on the regular spins of the reel, plus to make those wins easier to find, the Batman symbol is the wild, able to substitute itself with any other symbol on the reels, except for the Joker symbol which is the scatter. As the scatter, the Joker symbol only has to appear twice on the reels in order for you to get a win but getting 3 or more of them is better, as they will then trigger the bonus round.

The bonus round on this slot machine is a free round bonus and so once triggered, it will reward you with 15 free spins but don’t forget that even during these free spins Batman or the Joker could randomly appear to give you yet more bonuses.

With the Batman symbol being a wild, the wins come regularly and with the bonus round always available to be triggered, the excitement builds, especially with the anticipation that Batman or the Joker could appear at any time but what keeps the excitement at fever pitch, is knowing that one of four randomly allotted jackpots could be awarded to you at any time and if you are to be allotted one of these jackpots, you will have to choose between Batman and the Joker as to which of them will play a mini game to determine which of the 4 jackpots it is that you win.

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